fresh from the garden

fresh from the garden


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Well now that's it's official that Heather Jo Flores will be joining us for Friday and Saturday July 17&18 , it's time to start laying out the program and get some details. At this time these are tentative ideas .Feel free to comment with your thoughts.
 Friday 07/17 6pm-9pm seed swap at the Wilbraham Public Library followed by Intro to Food Not Lawns Featuring Heather Jo Flores
Saturday 07/18
  9-1 Intro to Suburban Permaculture /guerilla Food not lawns (hiding crops in plain sight so your neighbors don't even know you're doing it.)
1-2 Light lunch will be served (fresh Suburban Artisan  salad w/ Organic bread and Local Organic grass fed Raw milk Cheese ,Quinoa salad  and fruit  and we'll be doing another seed swap .
  2-5 pm I'll be leading the group in a discussion about "Second Spring " getting ready for fall and winter crops. Participants will take home over 100 seedlings to get a head start on their own Second Spring plantings.
      The Friday session will be free of charge but a donation of nonperishable food items for the Edge food pantry to help those who are hungry  will be accepted .
      Both sessions on Saturday will  total $99.00. Work study will be available. Come and work on the farm for 6 hours (Doesn't have to be all at once we'll have at least 4 work days)  learn some things (probably take home some fresh veggies ) make new friends and save the $99.00. Bit coin will be accepted and barter considered.

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