fresh from the garden

fresh from the garden


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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's try this one more time.

 Spring is here (at least that's what the calendar says) the crocuses are still gonna need a snowblower at my house this year. But they will arrive eventually and with it another season of Woodchuck and chipmunk feeding AKA suburban gardening so let's try this one more time. Over the last year I have gotten a taste of what many people call  a normal job . I work in an office type setting (50 + hours a week with at least some time behind a desk )even though I run 2 30x72 foot grow rooms I feel it's kind of like an office job. This is my first foray into this world and I am grateful to have a pretty good paying job doing something I consider to be my life's work . That being said I still crave soil under my nails , the aroma of freshly dug soil and real sunshine on my face. As more outside activity that will bring some sweat along with it  (hopefully) begins to melt  away some of the fifteen pounds I put on this winter I will truly be back in my element amongst the rows and beds of my farmden (to big to be a garden too small to be a farm).As the cellar grow room begins to fill with more flats of hopeful candidates for this years plots and plant sale my mind races to think of what I wanted to grow last year and the new crops and methods I wanted to try this year and of course more seeds. Funny  how each year when I get the new catalogs I get a little giddy flipping through the pages mentally plotting where this new variety would fit perfectly between the beans and the tomatoes. My wife tells me it's my new addiction just because I went to Baker creek on new years eve and bought 200 packets of seed and still drool over the pretty pictures from territorial or johnnys. So what if I still have all those left from last year. Fortunately none of you feels any of this so it probably sounds crazy but I warned you I'm a little nuts.

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