fresh from the garden

fresh from the garden


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Sunday, February 28, 2016


    That's right after another year or so off I figured that I 'd start posting again as I am now getting more folks to the site due to the interest of my wonderful hydroponic produce. Things have been really crazy around here the last few months .In taking on the Forst Park winter farmers market a whole new direction has come into focus. The response has been outstanding to the point that we now offer pick-up of orders on weeks there is no market(Thank You, Liz). We had eleven people pick up orders on the 20th at the old Spoletto in East Longmeadow, as interest continues to grow I'm thinking of adding a drop off in the area of Parker st and Wilbraham rd . If you're interested let me know . If I get started with 3 people I'll make it happen. One of the really interesting things that has come about is the inter- connection that I've found through all of this . It turns out that one of my customers at the market likes our produce so much that he talked it up with a restaurantuer  in Easthampton . She was intrigued and contacted me about produce for her bistro. The wheel turns further as she's from Wilbraham and is good friends with my neighbor from two doors down (they didn't even know what I was up to). It cerainly is a small world after all. Yesterday in talking with a customer we  found out that we too are neighbors and that her family has taken many walks past our little slice of heaven in the burbs.
  All of this interest has me scurrying to build more systems to be able to offer more and different selections to my new found clientele. A newly constructed vertical system is in place with 40 tomato plants in an area about the size of the kitchen table . Strawberries are next and wheatgrass is on deck .  I'll try to drag you along on this merry ride as I go.