fresh from the garden

fresh from the garden


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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Coming next Are you growing leaves or tomatoes?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Crop Available ,sweet potato slips and more.

         First as I sit at the keyboard looking at the 42.6 degree reading coming from my greenhouse on JUNE1 I have to wonder what the temperature would be if we didn't have global warming BRRRRRR........ Thank God for global warming! Things are really moving along here at SAF. We have our first crop available for sale Beautiful Cherokee red leaf (and I mean RED leaf) and Tropicana Greenleaf lettuces .They are beautiful looking stuff. We grow these varieties at work but the lights don't bring out the deep  rich almost burgundy red In the Cherokee. More Color means more nutrients yeah!
     UPS had some "truck problems " so the sweet potato slips that were due in on Friday (so I could plant them this weekend) won't be here until Monday. Guess what I get to do after working 11 hours Tuesday /Wednesday and Thursday. We've got 10 varieties coming in so I will have some available for sale .
     We have a remote location at the Wilbraham community gardens (a nice 50x50 spot) that I hope will be a good addition to our growing adventure. If all works out I want to try adding another 100 x 200 for next year giving us almost an acre between both places. Being a Farmtek employee has given me access to lots and lots of goodies for the farm. I've been told by some of the folks at the community garden that I'm giving some folks "Fence Envy" because I was able to put up an eight foot deer fence around the plot up there . Losing all of our work to a few vandalous deer is not an option. Watering by hand is a very tedious process and because I'm the newest member at the community garden I'm literally the farthest from the well . Farmtek to the rescue! I've installed a 150 foot hose and drip tape irrigation system that makes things much easier (as long as I don't drill anymore holes through both sides of the pipe) Once it starts to grow out I 'll add some pix. Well off to home depot for some hose repair fittings and back to work.