fresh from the garden

fresh from the garden


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

More volunteers than peace corps

One of the more interesting developments in this years garden has been the arrival of the volunteers. There have been at least one hundred of these popping up in some of the most unusual places . Most farms are very happy to have volunteers show up as this makes their job easier . Unfortunately not the case here .You see the type of volunteers I'm referring to are not people but unplanted vegetable plants. I must have had a lot of squash and tomatoes last summer because everywhere i put compost this year we are overrun with (you guessed it) squash and tomatoes. I guess I could have pulled them up when they started but with the tornado and all we didn't have much else growing so i figured they were better than nothing. they are going to reward our leniency with a few bushels of beautiful winter squash and some assorted tomato varieties. it will be interesting to see if we get any more lingerers next year.
We're in process of planting the winter crops and hopefully will have the new greenhouse up before it gets really cold. Hopefully the rabbits and chipmunks won't get to them first. Did I mention how big that squash was?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I' m BACK !!!!! V 2.0

Here I am again, figuring I'd like to start posting again since there are so many new and exciting things going on here on the farm that I just have to share them with all of you millions of readers out there . Ok all 383 of you . Had a great maple season this year. Unfortunately didn't get a shack built this year so the rains we had really cut into my production .Already setting myself up for this upcoming season. We sent 50 chickens to freezer camp in July ,it's been really nice to enjoy all organic chicken that we raised ourselves .One exciting development actually came about completely by accident . I raised the chickens at a somewhat local farm. Started off with 51 birds I was told one had died so that left me with 50 (seems pretty simple 51-1=50) so when the day came for us to bring the birds for "the long trip " to freezer camp we counted fifty birds ,looked around ,the pen was empty ."we've got 'em all and away we go. Three days later we are breaking down the pen I had made for them and to our surprise out pops a chicken . First of all see the math above and there are fifty birds in the freezer . There were no birds left in the pen when we went to freezer camp . Things that make you go hmmm! after three days of no food or water she seemed quite healthy. Anyways we now had a new pet chicken that we aptly named Lucky. Lucky happily joined us in the burbs (only about fifty feet from her brothers and sisters in the freezer). Well I didn't want her to be lonely so now she has four sisters . My little flock has just started laying eggs . We got six last week and two so far this week . They really are very interesting animals ,more to follow soon I promise. Did I mention that chickens can move pretty quick if they want to?