fresh from the garden

fresh from the garden


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Saturday, April 3, 2010

one down one to go

What do you get when you combine sixteen pounds of icing forty five pounds of chocolate chocolate chip cake and a piece of plywood? No not a life size statue of Obama. Besides a REALLY big mess, you get a puggle cake. after almost ten hours of work yesterday Jackie and I managed to load the puggle cake into the back of the van for delivery. It's funny how you never notice that there are that many bumps in the road until you are delivering nitro- glycerin or a sixty five pound cake that you spent all day putting together. It is really something to hear "Dad that looks like a shoe" transform to "Ohh, now I get it .That's really cool". I think I have unlocked a hidden blessing , I can see the finished product as I go through each step (kind of exciting ) .Now I know how Michael Angelo and the great sculptors felt as they created their masterpieces (OK maybe not but it sounds pretty good).Well I guess it's back to work for today's birthday cake .Now where is that kitchen sink?

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  1. Hey Tony
    Glad you made it safe. What, no cement mixer this year.(besides yourself) Oh, by the way how is the temp is it hot at all?


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