fresh from the garden

fresh from the garden


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Saturday, July 10, 2010

off we go

This morning Jackie and I are off to a seminar on backyard chickens .I'm really quite surprised that she changed her mind so readily. I don't think I gave her much manure about it.I'm just glad she likes fresh eggs. This is another small step to Independence and self sustainability. Until a few weeks ago I hadn't even heard of permaculture or transition towns ,but I've a concern about the ways things are going in our world.Between the oil mess and the food situation I was thinking there has to be a better way.Low and behold I find permaculture. I'm not saying that this is the be all end all it just makes sense (does a carrot traveling eighteen hundred miles to show up on your table make sense?). I'll be writing more but we gotta run .Don't want to keep the chickens waiting.

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